Wine Wednesday

Prior to arriving in Napa, we planned to bring wine home, but also to purchase a couple bottles to have during the evenings after we had dinner and returned to the hotel. As it turned out, our hotel was uniquely prepared for this purpose.  They had a daily wine reception from 5 to 6 p.m., wine glasses that you could borrow and return, and three self-service fire pit areas in the back for relaxing.  To our amazement, hardly anyone was using the fire pits, so it was like having our own private patio to enjoy.

Hopefully housekeeping enjoyed our leftovers!

We had a lot of fantastic meals in Napa at Zuzu, Carpe Diem Wine Bar, and Napkins Bar & Grill, but the last night we decided to walk to the grocery store and pick up some items for our own “happy hour” at the hotel.  It was the perfect way to round out our trip: relaxing at the fire pit as the temperature cooled into the lower 60s, while staying warm with a wonderful Robledo “El Rey” Cabernet.  It made the transition away from “vacation” mode even harder when we stepped off the plane in Texas the next day and were greeted with temperatures in the upper 90’s. I think that just means that we will need to make a return trip sometime in the near future, because of the weather, but mostly so we can bring home more fantastic wine.


One thought on “Wine Wednesday”

  1. Sounds like a great trip Kelly! I’ve perused some of your other posts and really enjoyed them. We live in Napa so always happy when people have a good time here. We’ve visited a lot of wineries as you can imagine in both Napa and Sonoma and written about quite a few. Check out our wine country blog for some of our favorite places:


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