A Zombie Hurricane

So, you may have heard that something is happening in Texas this weekend.  Hurricane Harvey is supposed to hit Corpus Christi later tonight, but I’ve been calling him Zombie Harvey because he died after hitting Mexico and then came back as a monster.  After forming in the Atlantic and taking his time crossing the Caribbean Sea as a tropical storm, he was supposed to have dissipated after passing over Mexico.  However, after becoming disorganized, Harvey sprang back to life and is now a Category 2 storm, potentially Category 3 by landfall.  If current models hold, he’s not even done there  After bouncing off Texas, he will head east as a tropical storm and dump water all along the coast on his way out.  Harvey came back to life and we need Rick Grimes to take care of him.  Okay, who I’m I kidding.  Probably Carol instead.

I’ve been to Corpus Christi numerous times and have friends whose families have had to evacuate (also I always get the best poblano soup at Nuevo Cafe when I visit), so I’m hoping that the damage to the city will not be devastating.  When I was there once, a severe storm came through and the streets and roads flooded so badly that I couldn’t get to my destinations the next day.  With that in mind, I can only imagine what a hurricane will do.

We are stocked up and prepared to ride out the floods, thankfully in a third floor apartment. Stay safe everyone, and be careful if you do venture out.  It’s past time for Zombie Harvey to finally die. Harvey


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