I should state the obvious: my name is Kelly and I am from Texas.  This has been my moniker since early high school, when a good friend who moved away began describing me as his friend “Kelly from Texas” in social settings.  Needless to say, the nickname stuck.

In actuality, I was born in Pennsylvania, grew up in Chicago, and was transplanted to Texas in middle school.  For those of you who had to move during your early teen years, you know how brutal that move can be.  I’ll be happy to share my tragic poetry with you over a glass (or three) of wine.

My love for travel was nurtured at an early age by my parents, who were generous enough to take a pesky kid along with them on all their adventures.  They also put up with me when I turned our kitchen counter into a pretend hotel check-in desk and made their spare room the space I was “renting.”

After college, I lucked into a job where I got to travel for part of the year, and never turned back.  I have been on many trips over the past ten years, both leisure and business, and I love experiencing everything each place I visit has to offer.  I hope you enjoy following my adventures, both past and present!