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The Souvenirs You’re Simply Drawn To

Those of you who know me (and now those of you who don’t), know that I have two endearingly particular talents: remembering most everything and keeping everything (within reason). The two can be even be linked!  Please have a seat while I tell you from where I got this plastic bag in June of 2009. I kept it because it has the logo of a store we don’t have here – how could I throw it away?

I promise I am not a hoarder.

When I travel to a new city or state, or landmark within, I have two standard items that I always purchase: a magnet and postcards.  Postcards are easy to transport and store, and between my mom and I , we have a fairly extensive collection.  I started collecting magnets at an early age, so it’s a good thing refrigerators have lots of space!  I’m fairly picky with the magnets, and try not to go overboard, but sometimes you visit a lot of new places and end up with a few more than planned.  Because who doesn’t love Dole Whip?



What do you collect while traveling?


Fifty States of Goals

For the past few years, my main travel goal has been to visit all fifty states in the Union. Once my recruitment jobs began taking me out of state, I began to check more locations off my list, and my most up-to-date map is as follows:

That leaves me with a LOT of stories to tell you about, and Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, and South Carolina left to visit. Technically, I’ve had an in-depth visit of the Albuquerque airport en route to Seattle courtesy of a torrential downpour out of Texas.  In my six hours there, I managed to purchase a souvenir magnet and postcard for my collection, and drained the battery of my phone twice.  However, I’m not going to count that as actually “seeing” New Mexico.  I really only saw various New Mexico residents departing or arriving while tethered to my charger.

As it turns out, I’m not alone in my quest!  A cursory Google search turns up all sorts of articles on the subject: How to Travel 50 States with Kids; What Counts as Visiting all 50 States?; Visiting 50 States is Harder than you Think.  My favorite is the 50 States Club certificate you can earn on the honor system for a mere $12 plus shipping.  Maybe I’ll treat myself to one of those someday.

While I may not be completing my fifty state quest anytime soon, I’m gearing up for the Road Warrior lifestyle again this fall, and look forward to taking y’all (okay, I went full Texan there) along for the ride!