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Last Call

I’m headed out to Los Angeles right now for my last work trip this fall. This is flight number 8/9 since September, and I’m exhausted. My fall schedule usually allows for more breaks between trips, but this year has been non-stop travel for over a month. I’m sure I’ll miss it when it’s over, as I always tend to do. 

In spite of the horrendous traffic, the trip to LA is one of my favorites every year. Although I have yet to spot a celebrity anywhere, there’s always plenty of things to do. I’m staying in the Burbank area with lots of walking-distance activities for when I’m not working or sitting in traffic. Last year it took me two hours to get from West Hollywood to Anaheim, and this year I’m  making a day trip to San Diego Saturday. With all the time I’ll be spending going 10mph in my car, I’m really hoping I win the rental car free upgrade lottery at Enterprise once I arrive. 

Cheers from 30,000 feet!